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This page lists various pieces of software, most written by yours truly, and some written by others.

For questions or assistance, feel free to contact: Jolly Roger : )

[ICO]NameLast modifiedSizeDescription

[   ]Compress (Encrypted).zip2022-10-13 15:24 186K(Finder) Create an encrypted (passphrase-protected) compressed ZIP file from any file or folder
[   ]Copy Unix Path.zip2023-12-09 09:10 338K(Finder) Copies the Unix path of the selected item to the clipboard
[   ]Create Master Disk Image.zip2022-10-13 15:24 83K(Finder) Creates a master disk image of the specified disk
[   ]Fast User Switch.zip2022-10-13 15:24 298KZip archive
[   ]Hide Filename Extension.zip2022-10-13 15:24 89K(Finder) Hides the filename extension of the selected files
[   ]Lock.zip2022-10-13 15:24 85K(Finder) Locks selected items
[   ]Make Lower Case.zip2022-10-13 15:24 60K(Text) Changes selected text to lower case
[   ]Make Mixed Case.zip2022-10-13 15:24 63K(Text) Changes selected text to mixed case
[   ]Make Sentence Case.zip2022-10-13 15:24 76K(Text) Changes selected text to sentence case
[   ]Make Symbolic Link.zip2022-10-13 15:24 86K(Finder) Creates a new symbolic link in the same directory that points to the selected item
[   ]Make Title Case.zip2022-10-13 15:24 61K(Text) Changes selected text to title case
[   ]Make Upper Case.zip2022-10-13 15:24 59K(Text) Changes selected text to upper case
[   ]New TextEdit Document Here.zip2022-10-13 15:24 115K(Finder) Creates a new TextEdit document in the selected folder
[   ]Open As Administrator.zip2022-10-13 15:24 59K(Finder) Opens the selected application as administrator
[   ]Remove From Apple Quarantine.zip2022-10-13 15:24 59K(Finder) Removes selected items from Apple quarantine
[   ]Show Filename Extension.zip2022-10-13 15:24 89K(Finder) Shows the filename extension of the selected files
[   ]Toggle Filename Extension.zip2022-10-13 15:24 91K(Finder) Toggles the filename extension of the selected files
[   ]Toggle Hidden Files.zip2022-10-13 15:24 48K(Finder) Toggles AppleShowAllFiles to show or hide invisible files in Finder windows
[   ]Unlock.zip2022-10-13 15:24 91K(Finder) Unlocks selected items

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